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Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar


The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
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The Second Death

This is the story of my second death.

It was a few days after my eighteenth birthday. I was as happy as ever, walking around in the crisp early morning air of the small fishing town of Cabeiri. I had just caught a few fish myself, and was heading back to that sacred mage tree to eat them. I stopped for a while in the town square to talk to a few people, and I was just about to leave, when I saw a strange little fellow leave off to the western path. Intruiged as I was, I followed him. We got near some houses, and he turned around. He lowered his hood, revealing his charcoal black lifeless eyes. He stared at me, and I couldn't help but do nothing. He stabbed me with a knife four times in the torso. I tried to run, but I as well tried to cast a spell on him. I foolishly paralyzed myself just long enough for him to get the final stab in. I then, on the ninth day of Aenterki, in the year 31 NM, felt the pain of death, for the second time. The small little fellow had been named Balinor, and had sometime later left the world forever. I was never to regain revenge on him.