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Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar


The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
Contact me
That Fowl Rush

That fine day, things were going great, fighting things and getting stronger, but.. I didn't know those things rushed..

"So much for that good day, ..."

It was getting dark, and the air was cool. I had had a full day of wandering around one of my favorite places, Holgresh, and had been killing things and growing experienced. I had definately had a good day. I was wrapping it up, and had just killed Master Yael, when I noticed a strange statue in that room. I grasped the scepter in the statue's hand and I fell into an area I didn't know was there. And there, I peered around, and I found the infamous Lord Yelinak who could not be paralyzed and who clawed, which would surely kill me. I decided not to ruin my day by getting killed, so I started attacking the Guardian Wyverns around him. I killed two of them, no trouble at all. Then I attacked the third one.
The wyvern's eyes grew blood red with hatred towards me, he started hacking away at me. I was just about to run, when I threw one last psychic arrow at him; but at that very moment he began rushing towards me, gaining speed, faster, faster, faster. I didn't know what to do, I panicked, my spell was holding me in the room until it hit him, but I was afraid he would hit me first. I tried with all my might to break free, but I couldn't. He was three feet away from me. I was sweating , and blood was dripping from when he had been slashing at me earlier, and then, my arrow hit him square in the head. I turned around to run, but it was all over.
I don't remember what happened, I'm assuming the wyvern simply ran clear over me, and smashed my body to bits. I didn't know. I just woke up in a bright light, and I was back in the quaint town of Cabeiri at the monestary. So much for that good day, a 42nd death.