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Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar


The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
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The Death of a friend

The story of the death of my friend.. one I yet again didn't live to regret.

I never meant to kill him, it was an accident, I swear...

It was a cool Autumn night near the beginning of the month of Kantki, and I was running all around Cardania and Atheria. I visited Wolvedale, Imladris, Xenora, Lanerell, and a couple other places. I was just looking for some things to fight, and some loot to take. I had nearly two bags of holding, made magically by myself, full of stuff.
Angelus had just stated that he needed a Ring of Light, and me being near a place to get one, offered to get him one. I was in Gus' shop in Xenora, and I trudged out to Wind, the magical item's shopkeep there. I bought one of his two Rings of Light and I slowly marched back down the side of the volcano that Xenora stood upon, bags in my arms and my armour clinking as I walked.
I soon came upon the Balloon Keeper of Lanerell, tipped my hat to him, and clambered on into the balloon headed to Wolvesdale. I stood at the edge of the balloon as it rose into the air, the black sky was beautiful with the brightly shining stars. The moons hung there in view as well, one of the best nights I had seen in a while. I breathed in the night breeze, and it tickled my lungs. The balloon soon landed in Wolvesdale, and I boarded the balloon heading to WhiteStorm. I sat in the corner of the balloon, rummaging through the bags. I soon got off and hopped onto a balloon to Fenris, where Angelus was waiting.
Soon before I got off, I estimated my total value at around forty-thousand gold, a decent run, and I pulled the Ring of Light out of my bag as I stood. I handed the ring to Angelus and he smiled.
I noticed that there was that same silly old peddler that there as always, and he always wants a hug. Well I hugged him, and he went insane. I readied my mind, and prepared to psi-surge the peddler to death, before he got any silly ideas. Well my mind was too focused on the task I had just accomplished. I turned my head and nailed Angelus a few times, he died before I knew what I was doing. His screams of agony will always live within me, as for the first time I killed an actual friend.
I was an outlaw, and stayed there right where the Bounty Hunter could get me, just to save Angelus' corpse. He came and got it and I went and served my time in jail. I offered all I could to Angelus, and he seemed nice and understanding, yet I still take that hard on myself.
Later that very day, I was going to Fenris again just to wander, and as soon as I land off of the balloon, it was early morning, the Bounty Hunter shows up and backstabs me, his Red Dagger piercing my skin down to the very bone. I lost every limb I had, and died an agonizing death. I had been wanted. Crypt had earlier forgiven me, but it was not quite enough, the Bounty Hunter was craving my blood. And he got it.
Angelus' death was avenged, even though it was an accident, and I died for the thirty-third time. It was a somewhat decent death, I wasn't hit too hard. But I learned enough of a lesson, and I will never again attack a friend, for the pain and sorrow I felt were great enough to kill me.