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Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar


The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
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Dragon Cove

Who knew money could be so deadly.

"How was I supposed to know that the caves weren't very stable.."

It had been a rather boring day, indeed. I had simply been walking around a new island I had found, Dragon Cove. I had a bag full of gems and rings, and I had been climbing mountains and searching caves for these items, and had occasionally been blown out by some strange force. But anyway, it was night now, and I was climbing up the first cliff. I had gotten 5 gems from the first cave, and then I climbed up, and found a dragon. Without any problems I slayed the beast, and began searching the cave for the loot.
How was I supposed to know the cave wasn't stable? I lifted a rock to look under it, and the cave began shaking. Rocks tumbled down, caving in the exit, I was stuck. Yet it all stopped.
I looked around for a second, wondering what to do, no one could hear my cries for help. So then I decided to use my magic powers to lift the boulders, which wasn't a smooth move. The cave began collapsing all above me, giant pieces of rock came hurling down to the ground, and it wasn't long till I was stuck in a small little hole between chunks of rocks. A stalactite broke loose right above me. I was afraid, shaking in my boots. I looked down, for I did not wish to watch the certain death fall upon me. I felt a pierce on the back of my neck, down my back and straight through me. It was one of the most agonizing things I have ever been through, because it did not kill me instantly. I sat there for at least a minute bleeding all over screaming in pain.
And finally I was released from the hell I had been put in.