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Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar


The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
Contact me
The Attempted Assassination

Some mercenaries are too strong...

Not even both of us could overcome him...

Evil is a good friend of mine, a strong paladin. He has been for a long time, and I hope he always will be. Now, though his kindness towards me, he has a tendency to make many enemies. Now, I, being his friend, often got dragged into these petty squabbles.
Well, there was this one guy, a Centaur, Dicer. He was an incredibly strong Mercenary, not one that you would want to mess with. Evil wanted to mess with him. They had a grudge going on for some time, random attacks, and they just didn't get along. Evil had come up with a plan to win Dicer over, to take his head. Evil had challenged Dicer to a duel, a spar to the end. However, I was included. Being his friend, I was going to be there with Evil, I was going to take down Dicer right there with him.
11 Kantki, 41NM. I was standing, invisible, in the WhiteStorm library. Evil was there with me. We were waiting on Dicer to show up. As soon as he did, Evil rushed out and warshouted, and began hacking away at Dicer. Awestruck at his speed, I trotted outside and peered into Dicer's bloodstained eyes. I focused my energy to his, and I eliminated what I could from him. I polymorphed his body, making him weaker. At the same time Evil slashed deeply into his left arm, blood covering his blades. I had been paralyzed at the own energy I had just been dealing with, and all I could do was stand there, stunned, watching the two great fighters duke it out. Soon a slit in Evil's neck showed up, blood began pouring out of every limb in his body. Dicer wasn't in too good of shape either, and was limping in pain. Evil took a final slash at Dicer's leg before being kicked into the dirt.
Evil was dead, out cold. I had just come out of my paralysis, and Dicer and I stood staring at each other. Neither of us wanted to fight, but neither of us would back out. It was too late. I sent a single arrow of energy towards him, nailing him square in the chest. It didn't do much. The cold bitter air stung my face, and I watched as Dicer yelled his lungs out. I was stunned from the massive shouts, and I stood with my eyes closed, scared. It didn't take long, I felt my right arm slice off like it had never been there, and I felt the mud splash on my face as I fell to the ground. I had accomplished weakening Dicer, but he had managed to take down both Evil and myself.
Dicer never was a problem much after that, in fact, he respected Evil's valent attempt at killing him. They grew friends in a couple of weeks, and the whole thing was left behind.