Merentha: In the Eyes of a Kobold Scholar

The Birth
The Second Death
The Death of a friend
The Underworld
Dragon Cove
The Pirate Ship
The Lions of Broadhurst
The Death of the Druid
That Fowl Rush
Constant Bashing
The Plane of Fire
The Attempted Assassination
Killing a brat
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Welcome, to this world of Merentha. A world of adventurers, of life and death, of fighting and of peace. This is a place where anything can happen, and this is how it is seen from the eyes of a Kobold Scholar.

Here are the stories that I have come across over the years of my life in Merentha. My many deaths, and many interesting adventures. They shall all be shared here, I hope you enjoy them.

My name is Kry, and I am a Scholar, a Kobold. I am a somewhat poor twenty-one year old, although I have enough money to support myself generously. I am somewhat powerful and have a long ways to go, and have done many things and had many adventures.

A while ago I wasn't who I am now. Most of the stories here are of things that happened to who I was, but not who I am now. You see, I once was a Sorcerer. I once was an Artrell. In an event that I took part in, I lost who I was. I became something that I didn't want to be, and something that I wasn't. That Artrell Sorcerer lost his soul that day. The playful heart of that elite mage disappeared, but it has not died. It was reborn, as who I am now, but don't count on me being the same as who I once was. I switched bodies and minds, I have matured and developed, and I am quite a bit different. But nonetheless, I am still me.

Please email me with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

This site is still under construction. It's far from done, so please bear with me.


The mind of a monk is present in the kobold...

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